Should we label products with a cruel origin?


Ignorance is bliss some would say, the actions we daily take many of us take for granted.

You’re doing groceries buying products that have rather dark origin and continue your day. If you were thinking about meat or any other product which origin is from a exploited animals/human you are correct!. In this Blog I would like to write about products from cruel sources and if we should label the products with something to make people aware of the product.


As mentioned above earlier awareness is not readily spread about the origin of products. Its just there even when people know where it comes from they still don’t know the process behind it. A simple small label with the dark origin of the product may encourage people to not support it in the future or consider more factors before buying it. As of 10-11-2021 in products of which we know are dangerous for the user labels are everywhere to inform and even shock the user into not using it (e.g. cigarettes) Ignorance regarding these products is at a minimum as the spread of awareness has been a big factor.

Freedom of choice for the producer?

The freedom to label the product however you want because its a free market is a strong argument. While I do understand the argument i find it very hypocritical if we compare it to other products, Many products are forced to have a certain label or warning to inform the user: this label maybe about safety or to discourage use at all etc. So why is all of that acceptable but the moment it is about the origin of the products which involves exploitation of a person/animal its ok to refrain this information?

What is your opinion?

What do you think? should we impose labels that informs buyers about the dark origin of products and would that help to prevent further exploitation?